Impact 180’s auto-based BDC was created solely for the automobile industry and developed by individuals who have been working in the automotive industry for years. We have taken this experience and knowledge and combined it with the most unique and dynamic database that will in turn generate the success your company desires and deserves.
• Impact 180 offers an Auto Rotator. This feature allows a login of all sales professionals in our database. Upon which when the appointments are set, will generate an even circulation of appointments being assigned to your sales professionals. This will allow for a balanced appointment distribution among your staff. In turn two factors come into play. #1 the sales professional is responsible for fulfilling that appointment, and #2 the ability to turn off a sales professional if he/she isn’t producing, thus having the privilege to control the UPS.

• Impact 180 will answer all inbound phone calls, set appointments, and track advertising dollars by assigning separate 1-800 numbers per campaign. All phone calls are recorded for added assurance. Impact 180 will assign a login username for the dealer so that they may log in anytime and critique as deemed necessary. They will have the ability to view reports, drop rate, and set appointments.

No other BDC can compare to the customer service
and technology that Impact 180 has to offer.
• Impact 180 has a “show rate” of 80%. We strive to always create an environment where the customer feels appreciated and that their time is valuable. We have installed MapQuest for an added assurance to the customer if they should need directions, as well as the weather for the designated area to promote a sense of commonality between our representative and the customer.

• Impact 180 is strictly Auto based, and located in the United States. Employing only American citizens, most being bilingual.

Unique Features: