Have you ever done a sales event and found that your staff was not equipped to convert traffic into sales?
• Advertising TV, Radio, Direct Mail.
• Tent
• Tables & Chairs
• Helium & Balloons
• Portable Bathroom Facilities
• Portable Generator Lighting
• 36’ IMPACT 180 LIQUADATOR Mobile Office with tech support
• Beverages, Hotdogs, Refreshments, & Popcorn
• Daily ground transportation of contracted deals to designated office,
via courier service, UPS or FedEx
This is Impact 180’s specialty.
Provisions IMPACT 180 will provide the following:
Combining impact 180’s direct mail campaign, BDC, and uplog we bring a top producing professional sales team to your store. The staff consist of a Team Leader, F&I manager, Closer, and salespeople that are experts at converting ups to sales with huge gross averages. The 5 day sales produces 100k to 500k in profit. You provide the inventory and we take care of the rest.
IMPACT 180 offers exclusive
turn-key off-site events.
Staffed Events